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A New Era of computing systems with first WetWare product ever!

From the rat brain – to the model of human brain behavior.

The functionality principle is based on artificial neurons architecture and the neurointerface.
Fully compatible with the artificial intelligence systems manufactured by the Atlant Corporation.
Ten-time better performing than the latest generation silicic processors.

An ideal fit for modern tendencies in manufacturing, research, smart home systems or cryptocurrency mining.

On all compatible devices.

Rat brain

Perseus– is your partner for handling the unpredictability of modern business.

Boost in order rates

Perseus Neural Engine™ for call centers will hike you order rates with social engineering algorithms up to 25%.

Sales growth

Perseus Neural Engine™ analysis mechanisms provide rise of retailers sales up to 57%.

Manufacture optimization

Improvements in the workflow offered by the Perseus Neural Engine™ will increase the productivity of your enterprise by 92%.

Perseus Neural Engine™ BETA